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What type of equipment should I bring to the workshop?

Bring your camera and favorite lens. The most popular size lens for this type of shoot is 70-200mm. You may also want to bring a second lens in the 24-70mm range for a little variety. Bring your flash and any off camera lighting you would like to use. Reflectors and diffusers are always a help when shooting outdoors. We will have off camera lighting available if you do not have your own. If you own a Pocket Wizard bring one along. Don't forget to bring memory cards, batteries, business cards and SNACKS!! Only bring what you can comfortably carry with you while you shoot.

What should I wear?

The key word here is comfortable! Depending on the location you will be walking, crawling and climbing so come prepared. Comfortable shoes are a must. Suntan lotion, sunglasses and a jacket may also come in handy during the shoot.

What should I expect when we arrive at the location?

Transportation to and from the location will be provided. Once everyone is together we will go over details and answer any questions. You will meet the models and receive a tour of the location where the shoot will take place. We will split the photographers into small groups. These groups will rotate to each model at the various locations. In addition, each photographer will have the opportunity for one on one time with a selected model to create that special image. Tammy and I will be available to assist in any way possible. The only thing you have to do is create amazing images. Portfolio Workshops are a great opportunity to try out new equipment and experiment with different styles of photography that you may not have the opportunity to do on a regular basis.

Will I receive a model release?

Photographers will receive a model release from each model at the conclusion of the workshop. This release will allow you to use the images created at the workshop for professional use to include the photographer's website, social media and marketing. We do request that each photographer sends a few of their best images to the models for use in their portfolios. Special restrictions due to the location of the shoot or the nature of the images must be followed.